What To Know Before Moving To Houston Texas

Houston is a wonderful city — but there are certain things you must know about it before moving in. When I moved to Houston, I myself didn’t know many things about this place that I wish I knew. 

To help you decide whether you really want to move to Houston, here are the top things you must be aware of.

Pros & cons of living in Houston, Texas

1. It’s hot!

If you’re not fond of living in warmer climates, you might want to give a second thought to whether you want to move here. When I step out of the house for a walk, the temperature would go as high as 100 degrees during summer. 

Plus, it’s not just the heat; the weather here can feel muggy and humid. 

2. There’s no zoning

In Houston, you’ll struggle to find areas where there’s only a single type of buildings. Here, you’ll have an easy time finding everything in one place. 

Who knows, you may have a utility store right next to your door, a lawyer’s office right next to that, and a mechanic’s workshop next to it — it’s versatile but that doesn’t work for some.

3. Gentrification

In other cities, certain areas are identified as “good” neighborhoods, while others are labeled as “bad” ones based on the quality of life there. However, that’s not the case with Houston. 

In Houston, you can have a million dollar house and may find a 30-year-old, junkyard-looking house in the same street. 

4. It could be dangerous

There are so many people here that you always have to be on alert. 

There’s a good number of break-ins and robberies, especially if you’re not moving to one of the most desirable neighborhoods.

5. Trafficking is bad here

Not to say Houston isn’t safe at all for you, just saying you have to stay proactive. 

6. Road rage

In Houston, people can be crazy on roads!

Not just speeding, people can get pretty aggressive and even shoot or “try” to shoot others due to road violence. 

7. Property taxes are high

Even though you may find cheaper deals on houses in Houston, you might have to pay a higher amount of property taxes. 

Make sure that you check out the tax rates first before making an offer.

8. Flooding

If there’s heavy rain in Houston — it’s going to flood somewhere. 

While not every area of Houston gets flooded after every rain, many of them do. Flood insurance is a must while living here. 

Final thoughts

No city is perfect — each has its unique set of pros and cons. 

If you’ve been looking into moving to Houston, now you’re aware of everything you must know before doing so. I hope this article makes it easier for you to make the decision effectively.

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