Moving To Houston Suburbs 2022 | Del Bello Lakes | Pros & Cons Of Manvel, TX

Finding the right Houston Suburbs to live in can be quite the challenge for a lot of potential home buyers. There are many options to choose from, but you also want to ensure that you’re close to your job and you’re not commuting all the time. Plus, there are many other considerations like home prices, house size, whether you have a family or not. Del Bello Lakes has become a favorite for a lot of people because not only is it a community of roughly 500 homes, but it stands out with its closeness to the surrounding suburbs and other great features. Here we created a short list of pros and cons you should be aware in case you want to move to Manvel, TX and more specifically the Del Bello Lakes community.


There’s still space for new homes

You can actually pick your plot and build with the right developer in the Del Bello Lakes area. That’s a game changer for many of the Houston suburb communities, and one of those things that can make a difference if you actually want to customize and plan your home the way you always wanted.

It’s a smaller community

You don’t have to deal with lots and lots of people, which is normal when it comes to city life. Here you have 400+ homes, so you can have your peace and quiet, and you can initiate a lot of friendships. It’s a great place for those that want to step away from the busy city life and not deal with challenges or noise.

Great amenities

There are all kinds of great amenities. For example, there’s a wonderful pool, hot tub, soaker tub, pavilion, the walking trail, workout equipment around the walking trail, plenty of green space and so on. Within the houses themselves you have a lot of space, which is extremely important as well.

Extraordinary schools

The schools within Houston suburbs like Manvel, TX are very good. They are top-rated within the region, and that means your kid can have amazing education and assistance. Sure, you are paying a premium, but this is a great benefit for families.

Very good location

It’s not very far from Sugar Land, Pearland, you can go towards Arcola, Meridiana, Rodeo Palm and so on. Simply put, if your lifestyle brings you towards South of Houston, then Manvel, TX and the Del Bello Lakes community in particular is the right option to consider here.



One of the main challenges for anyone that wants a home in the Houston suburbs is definitely traffic. In this case, it can take you 45 minutes to get to Houston from here when it’s light traffic. However, things are different when it comes to heavier traffic, since it can easily double that waiting time.

High tax rates

It’s important to understand that tax rates in Del Bello Lakes and Manvel, TX in general are very high. So if you do want to live here, you must be prepared to deal with this type of problem. It might not be an issue for everyone, but it’s still something to consider for anyone trying to buy a home in the Houston Suburbs.

Living in the suburbs

Since you’re not extremely close to the city, then it can be a problem to live in the suburbs. You are only limited to the restaurants or businesses nearby. Again, it’s not a dealbreaker, but it will affect some people.

The 288 floods with heavy rain

Most highways end up with flooding issues at times, but you need to take that into account. If you live in Del Bello Lakes and it rains a lot, then you will be cut from Houston or it will be hard to reach your job or any location there.

High price point

Del Bello Lakes comes with many amenities and benefits, it has lots of space for all homes, and it also provides plenty of lakes as well as amazing views. The downside is that you are paying a premium for that. In some cases, people might find prices here to be prohibitive or just way too high. In general, prices for the Del Bello Lakes community homes start at $400000.


Del Bello Lakes is a gorgeous community and one of the top places to consider if you want to move in South of Houston. It has incredible benefits, but also a few cons along the way too. It’s important to weigh in and see both pros and cons before you actually take a decision. Yet as you can see from our article, this is a great neighborhood and homes here are a very good investment, despite having a higher price point!