Moving to Houston in 2021 | 11 Things I Hate About Living in Houston Texas

Houston, Tx has become one of the most popular places to move to in the past few years, for a variety of reasons. You can find affordable housing, and tons of things to do, among others. Which does make you wonder, is moving to Houston in 2021 a great idea? Of course it is, but there are some downsides as well. Here you have a list with the downsides of living in Houston Texas.

It’s very hot

Yes, the weather here can be rather unforgiving. The temperatures have become higher and higher over the years. It’s still pretty comfortable to start living in Houston Texas for a lot of people. But the summer temperatures can be hard to deal with in many cases.


Due to the high temperatures and location, you will encounter quite a lot of mosquitoes. Of course, there are ways to get around this, such as dedicated treatments, but it still is quite the nuisance to deal with.

Challenging traffic

When you consider moving to Houston in 2021, one of the challenges is definitely the traffic. Houston in particular, but also most of the other large cities do have quite this amount of traffic, so you have to keep that in mind. It’s not a dealbreaker, but if you’re living outside of Houston and want to go to work, you do need to set aside a part of your day for the commuting alone.

Drivers Are Crazy

Yes, many drivers tend to make being on the road very challenging and problematic.  Road rage can literally be life or death in this city. It’s very important to have lots and lots of patience on the road, but with time you get used to it. Still, it’s an issue and one to consider here.


There are plenty of homeless people in Houston, something that’s prevalent all over the city. It’s not going to affect you that much directly, but it’s an ongoing problem that comes with living in Houston Texas.  With Houston’s lack of zoning you’ll see it nearly in all parts of city.

Crime rates

Houston usually has high rates of trafficking, be it animal trafficking, sex trafficking and anything like that. The crime rates are also a bit higher when compared to other large cities in the region. Of course, some of the neighborhoods are much safer when compared to others. That’s why you need to do your research before you buy a home in Houston.

Air quality

Large cities always tend to have pollution problems and Houston is no different. Things appear to have gotten worse in recent years.  Being that Texas is an energy hub for the US there’s almost no focus on renewable resources or focus on protecting the planet. Houston is a beautiful city with so many great outdoor activities, I hope that things can turn themselves around.

Texas politics

As always, politics can be problematic and challenging, and unwise decisions can affect the lives of an entire city. The city politics in general aren’t always the best as a result of the overall climate of the State.  So there are some questionable decisions made at times. You can sometimes feel like you’re in a bit of a bubble of safety but often reminded that you still in fact live in Texas.

Non stop construction

If you’re living in Houston Texas, then you are already accustomed with the idea of construction sites. Most large cities are dealing with this problem, since new apartments and homes are created for people coming in. So yes, regardless of where you want to live in Houston, you will find a lot of construction sites.

High property taxes

Houston comes with high property taxes, some of the highest ones in Texas. It might not be a dealbreaker if you want to move to Texas, but the truth is that you will encounter high property taxes all around, regardless of the neighborhood.

Rapid pricing increases

If you’re moving to Houston in 2021, then you should do it quickly. Property prices are skyrocketing quite often, so you will find yourself dealing with price increases. That makes some neighborhoods prohibitive due to the lack of funds. It’s still amazing to live in Houston, but due to price increases it becomes a lot more difficult to buy a new property here.

As you can see, moving to Houston in 2021 is a great idea, but there are some downsides as well. It’s important to take these into consideration if you want to buy a property here. With that being said, living in Houston Texas is still extraordinary, you just have to find the dream home you always wanted!


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